Most people love dogs. Dogs are considered as friends and even family. They receive love and care from those who own them. How much more will a pet owner show his love and care if his pet is considered as the most honest dog breed in the world?

A lot of dogs are intelligent, active, easy to learn when trained, kind, and obedient. If you are a dog owner of this kind, will you not be proud of this dog? Surely, you will love to play with this kind of dog and train him more. In fact, there is a dog which possess these characteristics. It is the Australian cattle dog.

This dog is known or called as a cattle dog because its job is to handle herds of cattle. Its job is truly amazing! Not all dogs can do it. So, owners of the Australian cattle dog are very proud and they trust the ability of their dog. Aside from its being a herding dog, you can also let this dog join a lot of different competitions such as fly ball and flying disc.

This kind of dog breed brings joy and enjoyment to people. If you are a person who loves sports and adventure activities, you can bring with you an Australian cattle dog for more fun and exciting experience. This dog is adaptable to the weather. They can tolerate cold and hot weather. It is very friendly and affectionate especially to his master and his family members.Take good care of this dog and always check his health.