Every pet owner have his own responsibility. If you are a dog owner, you need to care and provide everything your pet needs including food and shelter. Make sure to maintain its good health. Never abuse your pet. Remember that dogs are friendly pets. But you need to know and understand your own pet so that you can know how to give proper care to your own pet.

In the above infographic, you can see about the possible sickness your dog may have. It is your own responsibility to check for the health of your dog. Feed him with proper food at the proper time to avoid any stomach ache. When you feel pain, will you just disregard it? For sure you will buy some medicine and take it.

What if your dog suffer from pain? You must be able to know if your dog is in a painful condition. Some possible illness which your dog may possibly have is arthritis, gum disease, bone cancer, stomach ache or indigestion, pancreatitis, and inter-vertebral disc disease. Once you notice that your dog couldn’t eat well, it has a high possibility that the dog is suffering from pain.

It’s true that dogs are just animals. But still, they deserve to receive proper care and proper treatment. Otherwise, we can only see a few dogs alive! In some parts of the world, dogs are being killed. They are no longer regarded as pets. Dogs have the right to be treated well because they are regarded as man’s best friend.