Dogs is the friend of the whole family and they do their best to be one that lives with their masters in harmony. Though they can be aggressive sometimes if something triggered it and they become stressed. In this article, let us understand why dogs can be aggressive even if they are normally calm and playful. With the help of the infographic that explains the certain things that stressed dogs during holidays, we can have a clear understanding of that kind of sudden unexpected behavior.

You can read in the infographic that more bites happen during the holiday season. What could be the reason? you can also read it above. For you to help your dog it is best if you will understand the things written above so that you can help your dog to have less stress. As you are busy with the celebrations, have time still for your dog.You can also let him visit this eye clinic, look over here You can also read the common signs that you will observe if your dog is under stress.

If you observed it then it is best that you take your dog to a place they can relax and have time to rest. If there is a veterinary clinic that you usually take your dog then you can take them there as advised in the infographic. But if you do not have then just do the first suggestion and find them a relaxing place. The costs you have to pay is high and you may even have other issues when your dog bite someone.