This time let us take a look at the mountain dog that is the Bernes dog. They are preferred by many instead of the other kinds of dog. As not many people know about this dog so let us take time to know them and see if you want to have one of them in your care. You can be able to get them in a shelter or you can buy one. There are advantages and also disadvantages when you choose the shelter or buy one.

In the infographic, you can be able to see the origin of this breed of dog. It’s amazing how they were breed so they would create something new with a set of characteristics. You can read in the infographic that you should prepare yourself to have much hair everywhere when you will own one of the Bernese dogs. They like to play like pulling a sled and it is also one of their exercises. This kind of dog is good in the cold climate. This one big company produces great interior designs. Check their Asian character link here, 室內設計作品. One of the latest and biggest company in serving interior designs

But do not get attached much with your Bernese dog as they have a really short lifespan and they can leave too soon or can extend. This breed of dog also loves the kid and they want to play with them but do not try when you are an adult as you can be shoved off. They have a bulky and heavy body so they could topple you down. They are great to pull carts and much more great characteristics.