Dogs are good pets. Almost all people want to have their own dog. In other words, dogs are more loved by pet owners because almost all house owners have a dog at home. Of course there are different kinds of pet. You can have a cat, a rabbit, or birds at home as your pet. But, dogs seem to be different and special. The love and care which they receive from their master and from his family members are so special. What do you think is the reason?

Puppies are much more fun and interesting. They are so cute! It is the same with the Australian cattle dog. Especially when these dogs are still puppies, you will surely love them. What are the interesting facts about this dog breed?

Fact #1: Good characteristics. The Australian cattle dog is known as the best dog breed in the world. Why? Well, there’s no need for a question about that because this dog has the best temperament of all dog breeds. The best characteristics it possess are loyal and obedient.

Fact #2: Brave and athletic. This dog can be trained easily. It has a natural nature of being brave. So, you will love this dog for being protective. Aside from this, it is a sports lover or athletic. It will never hesitate to join any competition.

Fact #3: It requires a lot of exercise. This kind of dog is very active. Whenever you go for a jog or walk, bring this dog with you.

Fact #4: Beware of strangers. Strangers looks suspicious in the eyes of Australian cattle dogs.

Fact #5: Perfect watchdog. This dog will assure your safety and protection.