If you are a pet lover, what are your preferences in choosing a pet? Most pet owners are dog lovers. If you want to own a dog, what are the characteristics of a dog which you are looking for? Among the dog breeds in the world, which dog breed will you choose? One of the most recommended dog breed is the Australian cattle dog.

A lot of dogs are known to be loyal, obedient, brave, kind, and friendly. But, which dog breed is known to be the most honest? Don’t be surprised! It is the Australian cattle dog. Being loyal can also mean being honest. This dog can show its honesty in many ways.

For instance, a stranger came in his master’s house, this dog will be honest to show that he is having a suspicion towards the stranger. It can also show its honesty through obedience. Whatever you command to this dog, it will obey your command without hesitation. It’s just that, sometimes, it can show its stubbornness. But, most of the time, it is obedient to your words.

When the Australian cattle dog is well-trained, you can prove more its honesty. If a dog is obedient, you can also say that it is intelligent. So, this dog is honest in his actions. It’s good that while still a puppy, train it well to socialize with other people especially to your family members, friends, or any known person to avoid any harm in the future. This is because the Australian cattle dog is known to be a cautious dog which makes it a perfect guardian during the night and during daytime.